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What I Am Looking Forward To In 2015

Next year I am changing schools, I am looking forward to being with Deanne.  We can see each other on school holidays, weekends or even curriculum days.I am looking forward to to doing performing arts and drama because I really love acting and I would like to be a actress as soon as possible.

I am also looking forward to graduation, to get a new dress and do my hair. I am also looking forward to the opportunity and the leadership roles that we can do. Year sixes are the leaders of the school, they are at the top of the pyramid. We will be the leaders and e will be role models, to all of the younger grades.

Year fives and sixes will also get the opportunity to get buddies, this is a chance for all of us to prove to all of the other students and teachers that I can be trusted.

I am also looking forward to camp because, we can be with our friends, Learn and have lots of fun. Camp in 2013 and 2014 were fun because  i get to spend quality time with my friends and we also got to learn  new and exiting things. We also get to go to new places we have never been before in our lives.

we will also get the chance to be house or vice captain. There are also lots of other leadership roles such as school captains, house or vice captains, science monitors, libray monitors and many more.

Year sixes also have A LOT! of work to do and I am definitely not looking forward to that. I probably need to push my self a bit more.We will also get to go to high school, I am exited about that but i still am a bit nervous about homework and how much harder it will be.

The teachers are really nice as you know some of them have really good parties. I am also exited about meeting new friends at my new school I want to meet them but i also don’t want to leave my friends at Moonee ponds primary school.








it was a black and cold night when the two friends were having a sleep over ” Mindy Mindy wake up” said her friend Jessica. ” err go back to sleep its 2 in the morning”. ” but i herd strange noises”

so they both got up and went to Mindy parents room, No one was there so they went to her sisters Chelsea’s room again…… no one there. As they were walking down the hall Mindy saw her favorite doll Annabelle lying next to the front door, she picked it up and Jessica herd a window open thew were going to run then the door shut.


Aids is a deadly disease . Humans have it all over the world. You cant just get it by touching someone who has AIDS, it needs to be in there blood for a example you need to get a virus called HIV and that destroys the immune system and that kills all the other viruses then once the is no more of your immune system  the HIV is only there and that causes AIDS.

I understand what AIDS stand for and what HIV stands for. Firstly AIDS it stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIV stands for Human Immunodefici.