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100 WC week: #2

                                               … but it is yellow…

Deanne was the first one up, she went to wake every one in the family. Her best friend Angelica slept over at her house. Angelica got Deanne a puppy dog, but Deanne has no idea.

“Deanne, Angelica its time to open  Deanne’s presents.”said Deanne’s mother.

“coming” they both said.

” okay so which present do you want to open first” said Deanne’s father. ” The present  Angelica gave me” said Deanne. She opened it up then she saw a yellow puppy. “do you like it .”said Angelica. “But But its Yellow ” said Deanne. ” i know its you favorite colour.

School Captain Application for 2015

Dear Classmates and teachers,

My name is Angelica Martin as you know , this is my second year at Moonee ponds primary school. I would like to apply for the 2015 school captain role. I am very organized because I write down in my diary what I need to complete and what Is coming up throughout the week. I also hand in my notes before the due date.

I have an older brother called Aaron and he is 18, he is redoing year 12 because last year he was not very good. I am definitely more organized than my brother he studied for his sacks or tests the day before it is due and he doesn’t even get a A because he was on his I phone or on his his computer. Even though we are siblings we are complete opposites.

At my old school I was very organized, just like I am now. I am very good at communicating with others because I try to solve their problems . And when someone is hurt or crying inside or outside of school I go to help them.

I would like to have this role because it will help me in the future for an example in high school or Appling for a job. It will also improve my speaking skills and communicating skills.

Kind regards

Angelica martin