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Maths mate term 3 sheet 3 Q11

predict: I predict  that this question will be about decimals and fractions and putting them in the correct order.

read: complete the number line.

clarify: none

big question: why do the numbers need to match?

mathematics toolbox: I used guess, check and improve.

solve: well i just saw that on the top there was 8 over 10 so it must be 0.8 on the bottom.

summary: On the last maths mate i done i learnt how to do this and now i really understand it.

Friday The Thirteenth!

Ariana was sleeping, but then she woke up in fright as she herd a knock on her window from her room, she opened her curtain no one was there so she  went back to sleep. The next day her best friend Deanne was waiting at the gate for her so they could walk to school.                                                                       ” Hey Deanne I herd someone knocking on my window last night, then I opened my curtain no one was there.                                                                              ” Oh it must of been the wind” Said Deanne

Once they got to school their teacher told them they had winter sports today    “Oh what date is it” Said Ariana                                                                         ” FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH” Said her teacher.                                          “Okay” they both said. As they were getting ready for winter sports Deanne was started to fell sick and she fainted Ariana ran to get a teacher, no one was there. She went to call her mother, and everyone in her contacts. No one answered, Ariana went to look at every shop in town no one was inside any of the shops, then she looked in the police station the town was all empty, Ariana went back to her school then Deanne was gone all there was left was a trail of blood she followed it lead to a dark dusty cabinet she looked in side, but then it was too late she got pulled in to.

Behind the news: bitter sweet

Sugar is mainly in everything you eat.Sugar is a carbon hydrate which our bodies need for energy but too much of  it could lead to diabetes and heart disease.  It also makes things taste better and last longer. Whole fat mayonnaise has just over 2 % sugar but the low fat version has 13 % of sugar.

I understand why they put sugar in mainly in all our food so it can have flavor and taste better, some families say sugar is a big part of our diet so we can have energy, but for kids they should only have 2 teaspoons a day but a can of soft drink is 5 times that.

One of the questions I have is why do the put more sugar in the foods that say low fat and in the high fat foods they put less? I think that  should be the other way around. Its called false advertising.



Rust Prevention Experiment

Declan & Angelica

Rust prevention experiment

Aim: To find out what prevents the process of rusting.


  • Nail (metal) (rust able)
  • Paint – any colour
  • Beaker
  • Tap water – 300ml


  1. Dip the nail into the paint.
  2. Place the nail on a couple of tissues.
  3. Leave the painted nail for two days.
  4. Put the nail into a 300ml beaker of tap water.
Independent Variable Dependent Variable Controlled Variable Control
The conditions we are changing are that we are coating the nail in paint and the submerging it into water. We will measure the amount of rust by measuring the surface of the nail that the rust has covered and how much we can see.       The paint

The temperature

The amount of paint


Our control will be a nail that hasn’t been coated in paint.






Q: Why don’t some metals rust?

A: Because the electrons of the metal aren’t attracted to the oxygen particles. If they were, the particles would come apart from the metal and it would rust.


Q: Why does it take some things longer to rust than others?

A: Because there might be less oxygen particles around the metal or because the metal is stronger and it’s electrons won’t be separated as easily.


Q: Why do materials rust?

A: Because the oxygen atoms attract the atoms that bind the metal together so the metal begins to become flaky and lose.


Q: What does rust look like?

A: Rough, brittle and doesn’t reflect any light.



Q:How can rust be prevented?

A: You can use paint and you can coat the metal so that no water or oxygen comes in contact with it.


Q: What can rust do?

A:The rust makes the metal feel rough and flaky while turning into a brown sort of colour.


Q: Can you reverse the process of rust?

A: No. All you can do is paint over it so you can’t see it or you could scrape it if but it would eventually rust again.


Q: What can make rust?

A: Vinegar, bleach, peroxide, salt (etc.) and for only some metals, oxygen