The April Fools Scare!!

Lauren was fast asleep until she herd BANG! she woke up stressed and scared. Lauren went to her parents bedroom to see if they were there. ” mum, dad are you there?” Lauren said in a worried voice… They were not  there. She had the slightest feeling that someone was watching her. Lauren went down stairs to check…

After Lauren herd strange noises, she ran back to her room, she fell over but she found her torch, Lauren grabbed it and went back down to investigate. Lauren also saw a shadow. She followed it. ” Where is it going?”

It lead to the back yard, but no one was there, Lauren was very sacred now. The door slammed on Lauren  BANG! The door also locked on her so she could not get out… ” wait a minute” Lauren said in a suspicious voice.


what do you mean” said Lauren.                                                                                “Its April fools don’t you know”                                                                                   Oh well, don’t scare me like that, I got so scared.”                                             “we got you good,real good” said grandpa. well lets get back inside…. its locked.                                                                                                                                   “what no its not Lauren did YOU lock it” said mum                                                   “No,I did not lock it I thought it was you guys                                                              ” Then who did?”


In this story, I put suspense, questions, quotations. etc I like ending my storys  with suspense or questions so people dig in and understand the story. I used sounds to describe and tie people so they really get to know the story and whats happening, for an example “BANG!!”. I also think a good story needs a bit of everything, but mainly you topic that you picked.

In the middle bit I put some suspense and I ended a paragraph with a question or suspense so you really want to know whats going to happen,so you read the next paragraph. I used something called paragraph sandwich to help me remember what a paragraph needs. They are, topic sentence, supporting sentence, detailed sentence, supporting sentence, detailed sentence,supporting sentence,detailed sentence and closing sentence, and you just keep going until you finnish your paragraph.


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