Term 2 Reflection: Science

This term in integrated, we learnt a lot of things like chemical change, atoms, partials from solids, liquids and gases etc. We also learnt how things can rust and what causes it. When GTAC came, we did some experiments to investigate what had happened. They told us about mixing substances and what happens when you do so.

Three facts I found interesting:

1. One of the facts I found interesting was why they call water H2O it is because the H stands for hydrogen and the 2 stands for 2 hydrogen’s so it must mean 2 hydrogen’s, And the O stands for oxygen and that’s what they call water.

2. One other fact is when a gas is cooling down the partials have less energy and move slower, but when you are heating up something it is the opposite because partials have more energy and move faster.

3. Another fact I found interesting that was a experiment we put some steel wool in 4 different glasses with water,oil,salt water and air I, predicted that the water would make it rust the most but it didn’t rust at all,the one that rusted the most was the one with air in it.

2 understandings I now have:

1. One understanding I now have is what the partials do when you melt butter   they separate because the heat is moving them away from each other making the butter melt and turn into  a liquid.

2. When you blow up a balloon inside is gas and the partials bounce around faster because the air pressure is pushing them causing them to bounce around, but when you just get it out of the packet with out blowing it up, the partials have less room to bounce around so they come closer together.

One wondering I still have:

1. When you condensate something, I still don’t understand why it drips is it because of the warmth of the room or something else.

What were the most important things I learnt:

one of the most important things i learnt was partials in objects, liquids and gases. Also H2O and all of every thing else about partials. I never have known any of this especially atoms and partials.

How did I learn it?

GTAC helped me with learning it and they also explained it to me and gave me some examples, but lee also taught me about this topic and we also done some experiments with him.

What am I going to do with what i learnt;

I will keep this knowledge for next year and if I do this topic again in high school.

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