GTAC Lesson 4-Chemical Change

GTAC came and we talked about reversible change and irreversible change. We also done a chart saying what is reversible and what is irreversible. In reversible change I put Boiling water, melting ice and sand and water. in irreversible change I put baking a cake, fire works, boiled egg, plaster and water and glow sticks. In the category not sure I put burning wood and dissolving salt.

Then we also done a POE chart about elephants toothpaste. I predicted that it would fizz and explode. I observed that it bubbled up and then exploded. Then we added the flame, it moved the bubbled and increased the temperature increased. I explained that the volume increased because we added H2O2 which is 2 hydrogen and 2 oxygen and KI which stands for potassium iodide ,food coloring and detergent.Then we done more POE charts for different experiments. Our second experiment was glow sticks  in predict I wrote that it would glow when you snap it because the liquid particles came closer together In observe

Under New Information, we done a list what the definition is for reversible change and irreversible change. reversible change means a change that can be undone, you can get the original substance back and its often called a physical change or a temporary change. The meaning for irreversible change is a change that can’t be undone, you can’t get the original substance back and it’s often called a chemical change or a permanent change.

I did learn a lot but i would like to learn some more.



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