Television Is Better Than Books

I strongly believe that television is better than books, and here are some reasons why.

when you are watching television you can visually see what is going on, but when you are reading a book you might be thinking of the wrong thing and at the end of the book you wont understand, but television you can understand because your mind will memorize it,

Secondly your books can rip and ware out or you can even you can even  lose your book. But television can pause rewind,play movies and watch regular television books not really when you finish  your book there might be a series and it might be hard to find the next book.

You can also hear what they are saying and see whats happening. I think it’s great that they invented it. also there can be a book that has been made into a movie and when you watch the movie it may not have been like the book because you read the book and you got it wrong so you don’t understand the movie.

I like that they invented the television everyone enjoys it an that is why television is better than books, i hope now that i have convinced you that television is better than books.

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