Exploring Solids and Liquids Lesson 1

Today we went to our school science lab. 2 People came from GTAC they are real scientists they thought us more about solids and liquids. We done three different challenges with  our group.

the first challenge was that we had to separate play dough in  to separate particles and make sure the particles  don’t stick together, but the trick was there was a hole at the bottom of the cup and so we needed to make sure that the play dough doesn’t come out from the bottom of the cup then we carry it to the other beaker which is opposite the beaker with the play dough in it.

The second challenge was that we needed to break a foam cup into particles with tongs and we couldn’t use our hands only tongs and we needed to put them in a cup that had a hole in it and if it falls out of the cup you need to pick it up with the tongs, then you bring it to the other side which had the other beaker and put them in.

I learnt more about solids and liquids and how there partials work but I have one question which is when you separate the partials  in the play dough do the partials still stick to each other because play dough is quite sticky?

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