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The April Fools Scare!!

Lauren was fast asleep until she herd BANG! she woke up stressed and scared. Lauren went to her parents bedroom to see if they were there. ” mum, dad are you there?” Lauren said in a worried voice… They were not  there. She had the slightest feeling that someone was watching her. Lauren went down stairs to check…

After Lauren herd strange noises, she ran back to her room, she fell over but she found her torch, Lauren grabbed it and went back down to investigate. Lauren also saw a shadow. She followed it. ” Where is it going?”

It lead to the back yard, but no one was there, Lauren was very sacred now. The door slammed on Lauren  BANG! The door also locked on her so she could not get out… ” wait a minute” Lauren said in a suspicious voice.


what do you mean” said Lauren.                                                                                “Its April fools don’t you know”                                                                                   Oh well, don’t scare me like that, I got so scared.”                                             “we got you good,real good” said grandpa. well lets get back inside…. its locked.                                                                                                                                   “what no its not Lauren did YOU lock it” said mum                                                   “No,I did not lock it I thought it was you guys                                                              ” Then who did?”


In this story, I put suspense, questions, quotations. etc I like ending my storys  with suspense or questions so people dig in and understand the story. I used sounds to describe and tie people so they really get to know the story and whats happening, for an example “BANG!!”. I also think a good story needs a bit of everything, but mainly you topic that you picked.

In the middle bit I put some suspense and I ended a paragraph with a question or suspense so you really want to know whats going to happen,so you read the next paragraph. I used something called paragraph sandwich to help me remember what a paragraph needs. They are, topic sentence, supporting sentence, detailed sentence, supporting sentence, detailed sentence,supporting sentence,detailed sentence and closing sentence, and you just keep going until you finnish your paragraph.


Term 2 Reflection: Science

This term in integrated, we learnt a lot of things like chemical change, atoms, partials from solids, liquids and gases etc. We also learnt how things can rust and what causes it. When GTAC came, we did some experiments to investigate what had happened. They told us about mixing substances and what happens when you do so.

Three facts I found interesting:

1. One of the facts I found interesting was why they call water H2O it is because the H stands for hydrogen and the 2 stands for 2 hydrogen’s so it must mean 2 hydrogen’s, And the O stands for oxygen and that’s what they call water.

2. One other fact is when a gas is cooling down the partials have less energy and move slower, but when you are heating up something it is the opposite because partials have more energy and move faster.

3. Another fact I found interesting that was a experiment we put some steel wool in 4 different glasses with water,oil,salt water and air I, predicted that the water would make it rust the most but it didn’t rust at all,the one that rusted the most was the one with air in it.

2 understandings I now have:

1. One understanding I now have is what the partials do when you melt butter   they separate because the heat is moving them away from each other making the butter melt and turn into  a liquid.

2. When you blow up a balloon inside is gas and the partials bounce around faster because the air pressure is pushing them causing them to bounce around, but when you just get it out of the packet with out blowing it up, the partials have less room to bounce around so they come closer together.

One wondering I still have:

1. When you condensate something, I still don’t understand why it drips is it because of the warmth of the room or something else.

What were the most important things I learnt:

one of the most important things i learnt was partials in objects, liquids and gases. Also H2O and all of every thing else about partials. I never have known any of this especially atoms and partials.

How did I learn it?

GTAC helped me with learning it and they also explained it to me and gave me some examples, but lee also taught me about this topic and we also done some experiments with him.

What am I going to do with what i learnt;

I will keep this knowledge for next year and if I do this topic again in high school.

GTAC Lesson 4-Chemical Change

GTAC came and we talked about reversible change and irreversible change. We also done a chart saying what is reversible and what is irreversible. In reversible change I put Boiling water, melting ice and sand and water. in irreversible change I put baking a cake, fire works, boiled egg, plaster and water and glow sticks. In the category not sure I put burning wood and dissolving salt.

Then we also done a POE chart about elephants toothpaste. I predicted that it would fizz and explode. I observed that it bubbled up and then exploded. Then we added the flame, it moved the bubbled and increased the temperature increased. I explained that the volume increased because we added H2O2 which is 2 hydrogen and 2 oxygen and KI which stands for potassium iodide ,food coloring and detergent.Then we done more POE charts for different experiments. Our second experiment was glow sticks  in predict I wrote that it would glow when you snap it because the liquid particles came closer together In observe

Under New Information, we done a list what the definition is for reversible change and irreversible change. reversible change means a change that can be undone, you can get the original substance back and its often called a physical change or a temporary change. The meaning for irreversible change is a change that can’t be undone, you can’t get the original substance back and it’s often called a chemical change or a permanent change.

I did learn a lot but i would like to learn some more.



Changing State: Separating Mixtures lesson 2

There are many mixtures and states. Mixtures can easily be separated depending on what is in it, if you have some water and put dirt in it after a while it will dissolve but if you but sand in water ( mix them together ) it will not dissolve it will just sink to the bottom.

A way you can separate  mixtures is filtering it so you get a piece of cloth and put it on top of a empty glass and pour the dirty liquid into it and it will get all the parts that haven’t dissolved and the solid parts it traps them because it cant fit through the holes in the cloth so it catches the dirty parts that is a way to separate mixtures, but it doesn’t catch it all.

There is also evaporation you heat up the water and it turns into a gas and then floats in the air and when all the water has evaporated all the water will be gone ( turned into a  gas) but the dirt will not because it has not dissolved and it is a solid and all that would be left is the dirt on the bottom. It will take a long time for the water to evaporate, but not all of the water will evaporate because it will drip on the side of the beaker. so not all of it will evaporate.

I have learnt alot about separating mixtures.

Exploring Solids and Liquids Lesson 1

Today we went to our school science lab. 2 People came from GTAC they are real scientists they thought us more about solids and liquids. We done three different challenges with  our group.

the first challenge was that we had to separate play dough in  to separate particles and make sure the particles  don’t stick together, but the trick was there was a hole at the bottom of the cup and so we needed to make sure that the play dough doesn’t come out from the bottom of the cup then we carry it to the other beaker which is opposite the beaker with the play dough in it.

The second challenge was that we needed to break a foam cup into particles with tongs and we couldn’t use our hands only tongs and we needed to put them in a cup that had a hole in it and if it falls out of the cup you need to pick it up with the tongs, then you bring it to the other side which had the other beaker and put them in.

I learnt more about solids and liquids and how there partials work but I have one question which is when you separate the partials  in the play dough do the partials still stick to each other because play dough is quite sticky?

Television Is Better Than Books

I strongly believe that television is better than books, and here are some reasons why.

when you are watching television you can visually see what is going on, but when you are reading a book you might be thinking of the wrong thing and at the end of the book you wont understand, but television you can understand because your mind will memorize it,

Secondly your books can rip and ware out or you can even you can even  lose your book. But television can pause rewind,play movies and watch regular television books not really when you finish  your book there might be a series and it might be hard to find the next book.

You can also hear what they are saying and see whats happening. I think it’s great that they invented it. also there can be a book that has been made into a movie and when you watch the movie it may not have been like the book because you read the book and you got it wrong so you don’t understand the movie.

I like that they invented the television everyone enjoys it an that is why television is better than books, i hope now that i have convinced you that television is better than books.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride

They woke up to the sound of the birds tweeting.” Ahh were late for the hot air balloon ride” said Laura,  ” yay were going on the ride today ” said Chelsea in a cheerful voice running to wake up her parents ” mummy daddy wake were going to the hot air balloon ride today” Oh yher” said mum.

” we  need to eat breakfast first i am not going with a empty stomach ” They made some toast and scuffed it down there throat then the rushed to put on what ever clothes they could find. Then out the door as fast as they can with out even brushing there teeth. ” okay now, how do we get there ?” Said mum in a relieved voice. ” mum its just around the corner that’s why we came here” said Laura ” well then lets park here, it’s nice and close” said dad.

They walked out of there car into the woods trying to find where the balloon center was. ” mum are we there yet” said Chelsea ” No not yet” said mum. ” mum do we need to go I cant find any reception here” said Laura ” well you don’t need your phone now turn it off” said the mum. They could not find there way around, so they just decided not to go because there late for there ride anyway.

As they were walking to there car, they could not find it they started hearing strange noises too ” mum are we at the car yet” said Chelsea in a frightened voice trying not to get lost. But then they turned around the corner and saw the hot air balloon center and Chelsea was begging her parents to make a new booking and they went on the ride.

As the went in Chelsea started to get sacred, but then they went up and up as Laura started to drop the bags for less weight, but then Chelsea said ” STOP DROPPING THE BAGS! I am scared” but going higher is more fun” said Laura ” no its not more fun” then they started fighting until there mum said ” STOP! both of you” And Chelsea nothing is going to happen” ” no what happens if we fall then we need to go hospital” no darling…… your the one who wants to go on this ride out of all of us” ” okay now I want to go home, I can see our car from here so lets go” Chelsea stop, nothing is going to happen” said Laura. The next thing you know….. AAH!!! they all fell!

OH NO, but they landed safety because there was a big pillow just in case one of the hot air balloons fall and the did. They bounced off and back into the air. “OH MY GOD” said Chelsea ” that was the funnest thing ever” “me I fell a bit dizzy if you ask me” said Laura ” me too, me three” said mum and dad can we do that again PLEASE! ” oh no not with me do it with your father no i’m done do it with your sister no i’m not doing that again do it with you do it with your best friend Stacey and her parents” okay then I will do it with…. everyone.


read like a writer

In this book the ideas are how Sophie and Jeff live next door and have a connection.The organization of this book is not really liking each other to becoming friends and getting to know each other more.The author is trying to express how her life was as a teenager she was bulled and hurt.the authors word choice was very strong because it did happen to her and it is a true story.The sentence fluency flows, there are some sound effects she was very hurt but it ends up good.This book is just right for me I understand every word and it all makes scene to me.

Read Like a Reader

Why does Sophie want to be friends with Jeff? Did Jeff and Sophie born on the same day and move into houses next door to each other?I predict that Sophie and Jeff will end up being friends with each other and that she should never be ashamed of her  self.I think her mum is embarrassing her most of all because there only next door and can just climb the fence to talk to each other.My life is nothing like that, but the author had a life lake that she probably got inspired and that why she wrote this book.I do fell sorry for Sophie because she never stops getting  embarrassed and bulled and it did make me fell upset for her.I think this book is emotional i a sad way and funny in other parts. That mixture in a book it really good and easy to understand.

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