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…but where could i go…

The bell rung. “Hey Molly we should hang out” ” sure umm, maybe this Saturday yher this Saturday I am going to Luna park with my family you should come” ok i will ask my mum. bye”

“I am home oh and can I go to Luna park with molly this Saturday” No you cant we are going to grandmas house for lunch Cara and Sara will be there…” “oh I don’t know” “oh and you got a letter i think it’s from your other friend Jessica” “oh its her birthday and it’s this this Saturday.

maths mate term 2 sheet 3 question 24

Predict: i predict that this question is going to be about making sandwiches and seeing the amount of sandwiches you can make.

read: At our camp we were told to make as many different sandwiches as possible. We had cheese,tomato,lettuce and ham available so we made sandwiches  with no filling, some with just ham, others with ham and cheese , others with ham, cheese and lettuce how many different sandwiches can we make?

clarify: none

big question: how many sandwiches can you make with the food in it?

mathematicians toolbox: guess,check and improve

solve: i solved it by thinking how many items there were.

Education Week- Scientists do Amazing Things

On Wednesday 21st of May 5/6 B went to GTAC. We were split into groups and did activities which are real problems the first one that I was in was the sea has been affected by some green stuff. The first sample is like a black dot the PH was 7.28, sample 2 looked like 1 green worm made out of green dots the, PH was 2.95 and sample 3 looked like lots of green worms made up of green dots the PH was 8.57. I think sample one is how it starts off, then sample 2 it is growing then sample 3 makes a lot. Then we did the phosphate test. Sample one was 5, sample two was 50 sample three was also 50.


First we tried to fit balloons into liquid nitrogen, we could only fit 10,the reason is that it is so cold in there that the gas partials the balloon came closer together  because it is so cold. I also remember we put some butter and some popcorn kernels into the beaker under the heat, the popcorn kernel had water in it and the heat made it explode and makes it pop and you have popcorn. The butter melted from the heat with made it melt. Then we had a bag of ice and we put salt in and then we put a sealed bag of cream and massaged it then it started to make ice cream the cause of this is the ice made it so cold and then the cream started to become a solid not a liquid how it started off.


I understand about condensation. If you put cold ice water with ice cubes in a cup the outside of the cup starts to drip even if you haven’t spilt it because the room has room temperature  water in the air that you can’t see and it makes the cold water makes it warmer which turns out to drip. And with the butter, it was melted because it was hot and the practicals spread out more so it turns into a gas.


My questions are. Why the ice from the big bag went into the bag that had cream in it and it was sealed? How long exactly does it take for dry ice to melt? Can you fit more than ten balloons in the liquid nitrogen? Why is there water in the popcorn kernel and will it still pop if there was another liquid in it?