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100wc #27

Why would you like to be a night zoo keeper?

One night Zoe the zoo keeper was having a late shift, looking after all of the animals and hosting the night tours. She was hosting a night show to a nice family with 2 girls called Deanne and Angelica they were on a holiday.During the tour they saw great animals like fruit bats,possums,owls and tigers. They even saw a baby panda sleeping.

when the tour ended the girls were tiered so they went back to their hotel. The next morning, they  went to the morning tour and Zoe was hosting it. They had a really good time and saw great animals.

Problem Pictures Box of jelly beans

Prediction: Counting how many jelly bean flavors there are.

Justifications: Picture and title.

Clarification: Nothing

Answer: Yes because if you add one more row at the bottom which is four  not three then take away 2 columns which becomes 10 not 12.

Mathematicians Toolbox Strategies: Test all Possibilities and Draw a diagram.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 4

Predict: Find out the missing numbers to complete the question.

read: Fill in the missing digits in the subtraction.

clarifications: None

Big Question: What really goes in the boxes and don’t just subtract plus times and divide.

Strategies: Use what I already know and draw it out on a piece of paper.

Answer: 368 – 145= 223


…But when she  lifted the lid….

It all started with a little girl trying to sleep….. She herd a noise coming from the bathroom, she was too scared to go so she went to ask her older brother… He said ” don’t worry… Just get back to sleep Jessica ” she couldn’t so she just went to see what is was. In fright she opens the door to the toilet… Nothing was there she looked again nothing… she looked over the toilet seat and it was… Just the water bowl leaking!!!!  ” what it was just a leak!!! I am going back too sleep. It was all a dream….


One  morning Hansel and Gretle went for a morning walk. Then they walked by a old wooden house. The children did not know that they were getting lost….. Then they saw a nice young lady about in her mid 30’s. Hansel looked back and saw three paths he told Gretle… she said ” oh what way should we go ?” the young lady said ” here have this device can tell you where to go, just type the address in here.”

They got home there parents weren’t there They went to get another I phone for Hansel and lived a good life with technology.

Different Types Of Government!

There are different types of government and they are….

A democracy are the people who elect the government to go to the meetings for all the people in the country. People 18 or over are aloud to vote but criminals cant until they come out of jail.

A anarchy is a country with no government. When there is an anarchy people are aloud to do what they want to do but there are still police and jails if some thing bad happens. There are also communism which means the opposite there is a government that choose the laws, controlling all the businesses and farms.

dictatorship or autocracy is a country ruled by a single ruler who is not elected by the people from the country. The ruler can command to keep ruling .

A Federal government  are the local governments work together and share their responsibilities.

A monarch is a country who has their own king or queen and the king or queen can only rule.

A republic is a country that has no king or queen and is not ruled by  the people need to elect a prime minster to rule.

A totalitarian state is a country where only one political party.

Australian Federal Parliament Representation

House of reps distribution

House of reps - India, Afrah and Angelica

Senate Distribution

Senate - India, Afrah and Angelica


In class we talked about federal and state government. There are three levels of government state, federal and local. The federal government takes care of every thing that goes around in Australia. The local government looks after all the local libraries, local swimming pools, cleaning the roads and local parks.etc. The state government looks after all the state parks, state libraries and state swimming pools.etc.

In some states, only a little amount of people get sent to talk about what to add to make the country a better place to live. In Northern Territory  and Australian Capital Territory only two people are sent to talk in the meetings because of the population.

Direct representation is where everyone is involved.  Indirect representation is where people elect who goes to the meetings for all the other people.

To learn this information we went into groups of five and we needed to decide where we are going to eat for lunch and we said Subway in about 10 seconds, but then as a class we decided where we are going for a school excursion. It got so crazy that we decided to go on a holiday .(we did not even notice) ALL AROUND THE WORLD! it took 15 to 20 minutes to talk and agree on a decision. And I learnt that you should elect people to go to the meetings.

Maths mate term 1 sheet 3 question 22

predict: I predict this question will be about counting books and addition.

read: On a shelf, the maths book is eleventh from the left  or tenth from the right. How many books are on the shelf?

clarifications: you cant just plus it.

big question: how many books  do you need to count.

strategies: using a real bookshelf  visual so I can understand better.

answer: There are 2o books,because you cant just plus 11 and 10 it is 21 and 21 is not a even number and you cant split a book in half.

maths mate term 1 sheet 1 problem solving

Predict: I predict that this question is going to be about figuring out a certain amount of floors.

Read: mum works on the fourth floor from the top of the building. It is also fourth from the bottom. How many floors high is she?

Clarifications: None

BIG question: What floor is she on?

Strategies: Have I seen a similar problem?

Write a sum or number sentence

Answer: 7th floor

solving: drawing numbers vertically like…

1                                                                                                                                                           2                                                                                                                                                            3                                                                                                                                                          4                                                                                                                                                          5                                                                                                                                                           6                                                                                                                                                          7