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One night the friends were having a sleepover for one of the friends birthdays. Now they are going to bed .They could not sleep so they all asked for a hot chocolate…. Then they were all asleep. But one of the friends woke up and herd a noise out side….. She went out…

And there was a bright light flashing she asked ” what is that…. who are you” no one responded…. she went inside to go and get her friends… they were not there  she ran to her parents…. they weren’t there too, she went back outside…. no one was there…….

socialising on the internet

when you are online make sure that you keep your information private when you are talking online.

when you are online don’t give rude comments to the people your talking to,because they will start to bully you.

stay safe when you are on twitter,YouTube,Facebook and instagram because the public can trick you and you can think that its you friends……. but no

by Deanne and Angelica

100WC #21

meetings were held across the country to find an answer to who painted this picture……

One nice warm day a family decided to go to the museum. They saw great paintings but one was the best ,they did not know who painted it so they asked the tour man and he said ” It doesn’t have a name or a signature on the bottom…” Let me ask the examiner….. he cant even tell.”

I think we need to have meetings all over USA to uncover who pained this picture so they did…..   they could not find who painted it… might be dead.

SuperSpell Results

Spelling Skills Established:

Long Vowel Sounds-Single Letter

Spelling Skills Partially Established:

Long Vowel Sounds -Digraphs

Long Vowel Sounds-Silent ‘ e ‘ Ending

Vowel Digraphs-Diphthongs

Diphthongs-Vowels before ‘ r ‘

Silent Consonants

Verb Endings

Spelling Skills Not Established:

Soft   Consonants Sounds ‘ c ‘ and ‘ g ‘

Harder plurals

Reflection: Swimming carival

on the 11th of February it was the swimming carnival,  the whole school went  from year 1 to 6.

When we got there our team witch is Lawson cheered for the first competitors and my Dad was there helping out and giving out  3rd  and 4th place to all the other kids. The year 1 and 2 students swam in the little pool.My first event was breaststroke 50 meters. I came 5th place but if I touched the wall  quicker  I would of  came fourth……. but any way I don’t care.

Later on  in the day the relays came, I was in the waiting race and we came third I don’t know what slowed us down because we were winning.Then at the end of the day we had a free swim for about 15 to 20 minutes and then we packed up and got changed and went back to school for the assembly.

Lawson came 2nd over all I think we done well.




mathematician’s strategy toolbox

A mathematician’s strategy toolbox includes: 

  • Do I know a similar problem?j0395714.gif
  • Guess, check and improve
  • Try a simpler problem
  • Write an equation
  • Make a list or table
  • Work backwards
  • Act it out
  • Draw a picture or graph
  • Make a model
  • Look for a pattern
  • Try all possibilities
  • Seek an exception
  • Break the problem into smaller parts
  • and ……………………….

If one way doesn’t work I just start again another way.


my job your job

my job ( students) :

. listen to the teacher

.follow the school values (respect optimism care collaboration)

.appreciate lees help that he does for us

.take care of your classmates and people within the school.

.To finnish of every of every piece of home work.

. come prepared

.if some on  is hurt help them out e.g go get the teacher e.t.c

.give new opinions for the class

. never give up


your job ( teacher):

.to teach the students new things

.prepare paperwork for the day

. take care of the students

help students to improve in  there studdy by working with them.

.to give homework out to kids

by Angelica and Takee