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application to be in 5/6 B

dear Lee and classmates,

I would really like to be in your classroom and here is some reasons why…….

I would really appreciate you to offer me to be in your class. I also want to learn new things and you can help me. And also it would be great to meet new friends in the class and within the whole school.

Your classroom is the best classroom I have ever stayed at in my time at M.P.P.S. I am exited to be in year five because I can show the younger kids how to act as they grow older and older.

I have been with a boy teacher before you are my second. And I think boy teachers are better than girl teachers , some reason there more fun to me plus maybe the other kids disagree with me, but I like boy teachers they understand me.

I really like this class and I would love to be as a part of it. I think it would be a good experience.

thank you kind regards Angelica