What I Am Looking Forward To In 2015

Next year I am changing schools, I am looking forward to being with Deanne.  We can see each other on school holidays, weekends or even curriculum days.I am looking forward to to doing performing arts and drama because I really love acting and I would like to be a actress as soon as possible.

I am also looking forward to graduation, to get a new dress and do my hair. I am also looking forward to the opportunity and the leadership roles that we can do. Year sixes are the leaders of the school, they are at the top of the pyramid. We will be the leaders and e will be role models, to all of the younger grades.

Year fives and sixes will also get the opportunity to get buddies, this is a chance for all of us to prove to all of the other students and teachers that I can be trusted.

I am also looking forward to camp because, we can be with our friends, Learn and have lots of fun. Camp in 2013 and 2014 were fun because  i get to spend quality time with my friends and we also got to learn  new and exiting things. We also get to go to new places we have never been before in our lives.

we will also get the chance to be house or vice captain. There are also lots of other leadership roles such as school captains, house or vice captains, science monitors, libray monitors and many more.

Year sixes also have A LOT! of work to do and I am definitely not looking forward to that. I probably need to push my self a bit more.We will also get to go to high school, I am exited about that but i still am a bit nervous about homework and how much harder it will be.

The teachers are really nice as you know some of them have really good parties. I am also exited about meeting new friends at my new school I want to meet them but i also don’t want to leave my friends at Moonee ponds primary school.








it was a black and cold night when the two friends were having a sleep over ” Mindy Mindy wake up” said her friend Jessica. ” err go back to sleep its 2 in the morning”. ” but i herd strange noises”

so they both got up and went to Mindy parents room, No one was there so they went to her sisters Chelsea’s room again…… no one there. As they were walking down the hall Mindy saw her favorite doll Annabelle lying next to the front door, she picked it up and Jessica herd a window open thew were going to run then the door shut.


Aids is a deadly disease . Humans have it all over the world. You cant just get it by touching someone who has AIDS, it needs to be in there blood for a example you need to get a virus called HIV and that destroys the immune system and that kills all the other viruses then once the is no more of your immune system  the HIV is only there and that causes AIDS.

I understand what AIDS stand for and what HIV stands for. Firstly AIDS it stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIV stands for Human Immunodefici.

read like a writer: what do you think feezal?

Yesterday we did a lesson about reading like a writer. There are 6 things we need to pay attention to and they are Ideas,Organisation,Voice,Sentence fluency and Conventions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We needed to read a small part from our literacy circle book and comment on the ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions And see what is good about it and what is bad. Here is an example:

Ideas: the ideas are very creative in this book.Bean was searching in her mums book case and she found a princess. She thought it refers to her life.

Organization: The author has chosen to lead to the problem slowly.

voice: The voice is not intense it all flows. It also helps me understand it.

word choice: I think the word choice is appropriate for the text type.

sentence fluency: The sentence flows really well within the paragraph, chapter, whole story.etc.

Conventions: The punctuation is really good which helps me understand it a lot better.

After our task, we needed to complete our goal reflection so our teacher can know if we learnt something or not. we needed to write down three traits of writing out of 6 that we will use next time in our stories. the goal reflection is below. \/

1. conventions- I would use more conventions, because I always forget to include them. Its important so the reader can understand.                                    

2. voice- so my writing sounds powerful.                                                                      

3. sentence fluency- I would use this  because the sentence within the paragraph needs to flow.



100 WC week: #2

                                               … but it is yellow…

Deanne was the first one up, she went to wake every one in the family. Her best friend Angelica slept over at her house. Angelica got Deanne a puppy dog, but Deanne has no idea.

“Deanne, Angelica its time to open  Deanne’s presents.”said Deanne’s mother.

“coming” they both said.

” okay so which present do you want to open first” said Deanne’s father. ” The present  Angelica gave me” said Deanne. She opened it up then she saw a yellow puppy. “do you like it .”said Angelica. “But But its Yellow ” said Deanne. ” i know its you favorite colour.

School Captain Application for 2015

Dear Classmates and teachers,

My name is Angelica Martin as you know , this is my second year at Moonee ponds primary school. I would like to apply for the 2015 school captain role. I am very organized because I write down in my diary what I need to complete and what Is coming up throughout the week. I also hand in my notes before the due date.

I have an older brother called Aaron and he is 18, he is redoing year 12 because last year he was not very good. I am definitely more organized than my brother he studied for his sacks or tests the day before it is due and he doesn’t even get a A because he was on his I phone or on his his computer. Even though we are siblings we are complete opposites.

At my old school I was very organized, just like I am now. I am very good at communicating with others because I try to solve their problems . And when someone is hurt or crying inside or outside of school I go to help them.

I would like to have this role because it will help me in the future for an example in high school or Appling for a job. It will also improve my speaking skills and communicating skills.

Kind regards

Angelica martin


My cyclone summarys




We read a article about cyclones and we also took notes as we read it. Then we put it into our own words and made a summary, here are my summaries.


  1. Cyclones turn clockwise or anticlockwise depending on what hemisphere they are in. In the northern hemisphere they spin clockwise and in the southern hemisphere they spin anticlockwise. To form a cyclone they need high winds and there needs to be warm water around 26 degrees Celsius, there can’t be high pressure. The centre is opened and it’s like the eye because it stays open like a hole and when you go down there you are safe but not for long you could hit a house, building, pole etc you will most likely to be injured or dead, if you come out alive it’s a miracle.
  2. Cyclones mainly occur in the northern territory, Western Australia and Queensland on their coastline. Cyclones cause bad damage like buildings falling houses breaking or power lines falling etc. Cyclones are dangerous because it could lead to serous injuries or even death, same with the animals. To prepare for a cyclone you will need a first aid kid just in case someone gets hurt, a radio and batteries to keep track of how the cyclone is going, food and water so you can eat and drink if the cyclone goes on for a long time and extra blankets if you get cold. Etc


  1. The location of cyclones is very important. In the Atlantic ocean they call it a hurricane in the Indian ocean they call it a tropical cyclone and in the west  pacific ocean they call it a typhoon, they have different names so you don’t get confused.  If you want  to know what sort of cyclone it is, you could tell by the speed. There are different categories 1 to 5. 1 is not so bad, 2 a bit of speed but not so much, 3 in the middle, 4  its bad but it causes damage and 5 very dangerous and high winds.

Maths mate term 3 sheet 3 Q11

predict: I predict  that this question will be about decimals and fractions and putting them in the correct order.

read: complete the number line.

clarify: none

big question: why do the numbers need to match?

mathematics toolbox: I used guess, check and improve.

solve: well i just saw that on the top there was 8 over 10 so it must be 0.8 on the bottom.

summary: On the last maths mate i done i learnt how to do this and now i really understand it.

Friday The Thirteenth!

Ariana was sleeping, but then she woke up in fright as she herd a knock on her window from her room, she opened her curtain no one was there so she  went back to sleep. The next day her best friend Deanne was waiting at the gate for her so they could walk to school.                                                                       ” Hey Deanne I herd someone knocking on my window last night, then I opened my curtain no one was there.                                                                              ” Oh it must of been the wind” Said Deanne

Once they got to school their teacher told them they had winter sports today    “Oh what date is it” Said Ariana                                                                         ” FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH” Said her teacher.                                          “Okay” they both said. As they were getting ready for winter sports Deanne was started to fell sick and she fainted Ariana ran to get a teacher, no one was there. She went to call her mother, and everyone in her contacts. No one answered, Ariana went to look at every shop in town no one was inside any of the shops, then she looked in the police station the town was all empty, Ariana went back to her school then Deanne was gone all there was left was a trail of blood she followed it lead to a dark dusty cabinet she looked in side, but then it was too late she got pulled in to.

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